Benefits of a Polyester Vehicle Cover

By admin 1 Comment March 9, 2019

Using heavy duty polypropylene fabric for your outdoor vehicle cover is a good way to protect large RV’s, campers and trailers from foul weather and common outdoor debris. Polypropylene has a number of advantages over other materials that can be used for storage and cover including being breathable, lightweight, soft and non-abrasive. Though large vehicles including RV’s, Class A motor homes and conversion vans are made to be durable the elements can take a toll on uncovered trucks and trailers over time and the more you leave a vehicle unprotected outdoors the greater the chances are for it to suffer paint damage, rust and grime from built up debris. When you are providing outdoor protection for a large vehicle the balance of a heavy duty but breathable fabric is important. You want a cover strong enough to repel water and snow and to hold up against heavy wind and scattered debris but you also want that fabric to allow enough air to flow through so that you can prevent condensation build up and mildew. Polypropylene is a commercial grade fabric that is lightweight, breathable and strong enough to stand up to light and moderate climate conditions. No cover is guaranteed to protect a vehicle in severe and extreme weather including hurricanes and tornados but a well made, heavy duty polypropylene cover can provide high quality protection from most common weather conditions as well as offering superior protection during winter.

Another advantage to using polypropylene covers is that the insides are non-abrasive so you won’t have to worry about the fabric chipping or scratching the paint job of your motor home and RV. Often times a lesser grade fabric will stick to a vehicle due to heavy wind or extreme heat from the sun and when it is removed can take some of the paint with it. Polypropylene is specially designed to avoid sticking and will not damage the paint or finish of your vehicle. A great material for an outdoor vehicle cover is polyester. While polypropylene is often used for large RV’s, class A motor homes and trailer tents polyester is a solid cover fabric for cars, motorcycles, scooters and outdoor patio furniture. High quality, lightweight and water resistant polyester is a commercial grade fabric material that can withstand most common climate hazards including strong wind, driving rain and intense UV sunlight. Polyester covers are lightweight and easy to fold up and store so you can take these covers along on a day trip, weekend stay or extended motorcycle tour. A well folded polyester cover can easily fit in a backpack, motorcycle cargo bag or car trunk so you can quickly take it out when needed and protect your motorcycle or lawn mower from sudden rain squalls and prolonged UV sunlight. Often polyester covers feature water repellant yet breathable “Weatherguard” polyester which is double top stitched for durability and lower panels that are heat resistant using patented “Thermoguard” material. Many polyester fabric covers also feature clamshell vents that act to prevent condensation and lofting. Where polyester fabric covers touch windscreens and fuel tank areas a special chamois panel is stitched in to prevent scratching and streaks.

Since polyester is naturally lightweight and easy to fold it is a great material to use for motorcycles, scooters, lawn tractors and other smaller vehicles. Tractors and motorcycles are warm weather vehicles and spring and summer often have sudden rain storms that can pop up out of nowhere and catch you in the middle of a landscaping project or bike tour. With a durable lightweight polyester cover you can quickly cover your scooter, street bike or riding mower and keep it protected from the elements. Polyester also offers high quality protection from intense UV light that can dull paint and overheat engine parts. Often motorcycles, bicycles and tractors get left out in the open where the sun beats down mercilessly and slowly erodes the paint and exterior finish. Whether you store your vehicle in a garage or not, today’s market resolved a great problem, producing vehicle covers, a solution for full car protection. Damp is a very well known vehicle enemy, so the material must be as waterproof as possible. Covers are made in all sizes, materials and styles, even in colors, while you still have to carry in mind the most important use -waterproof protection from hot and cold including, of course, the UV protection. Waterproof materials are important since every drop of moisture matters if it comes under the cover. However good they look, most vehicle covers will leave moist to accumulate on your car. Your vehicle, combined with dampness, becomes subject to rust and paint dent, finally coming up to your machine. Even the best waterproof covers are not capable of total moisture protection, where it is dangerous during winter, when it sticks. When you need to remove the cover, you must pay attention not to peel the paint t, where the best thing is to pour warm water until it loses. In buying vehicle or a truck cover, you have to think about what they are intended to provide. Various sizes will depend on the size of your vehicle. Protecting your snowmobile with a snowmobile cover from weather conditions is no less important.

Every vehicle can be easily damaged by the UV beams.

It is possible to get truck covers, motorcycle covers, or snowmobile covers made of double layers, which have additional mirror cover pockets, where their material is intended for hotter areas with more wind. If you have any questions about vehicle covers or would like to contact the author, go to his website and feel free to call the toll free number or send him an email. In today’s market there are vehicle covers for virtually any vehicle. Whether you have a car, truck, SUV, RV, motorcycle, boat, jet ski or other recreational vehicle a vehicle cover is a must. Why cover your vehicle? There are many reasons why this this a good idea. First and foremost in my mind, protecting their value. When it come time to sell or trade, nobody wants a vehicle who’s finish is faded or scratched from the harmful damage the environment can cause. UV rays are a great finish’s biggest enemy. Dust can damage the clear coat and tree sap and bird droppings can be a bear to remove if left unattended. Even if you park indoors the environment can affect the finish.

Hail can cause tiny dents and high winds can throw branches and debris around potentially scratching the surface. The sun can not only fade the finish but also the interior dashboard and upholstery. Not to mention melt CD’s or DVD’s you may store in your car, truck or SUV. It is also a deterrent to would be thieves. They won’t want what they cannot see. Winter time depending on where you live can also be a hassle and potential threat. Ice and snow can damage the surface as well as be difficult to remove. Think of the time you would save in the mornings before work if no scraping was required. There are one layer dust covers great for indoor use and your budget, two and three layer covers for outdoor use and the ultimate 4 layer fleece lined cover for the ultimate finish protection. There is also a cover made from Tyvek a material made by Dupont which offers excellent UV protection as well as water resistance. This cover is a great choice for those of us who live in the South where the UV rays are most intense. Purchasing a cover could not be easier. The Internet has the best choices and offers. Most sites have a sizing section and this is important so be sure that you are ordering the correct size cover for your car, truck, boat, RV etc. Free shipping is offered on some and return policies can vary so be sure to shop around. We all know that a garage is the best way to store your vehicle during inclement weather or an off-season where you will not be driving it for weeks or months at a time. Before I knew any better I would leave my idle motorcycle or snowmobile outside at the mercy of the elements and hope that nothing bad would happen to them.

Whether it was rusting of the metal or peeling of the paint job, I constantly found myself shaking my head thinking there has to be a better way. Enter vehicle covers. It was one of those things where I knew they existed and had seen them before, but for some unknown reason I never put two and two together and said, “Hey, I should be using those!” After complaining to a friend about my problem he mentioned to me that vehicle covers are the way to go. They are not all created equally, but for the most part they are extremely durable. You can throw one over your truck, leave it out in a storm and not have to worry about a thing; it will be good as new when you remove the truck cover. Another characteristic of truck covers is that you can find a protective cover in your price range. You can spend as little as $50 or as much as a few hundred. Either way you will be getting good value for your money. The amazing thing is that they make these covers for every different type of automobile out there. I was able to buy a snowmobile cover for my snowmobile, a motorcycle cover for my motorcycle and truck covers for my trucks. If you have a boat or a car or a scooter there is a protective cover designed precisely to help guard your expensive investment from unnecessary harm. In retrospect I wish I bought snowmobile covers and motorcycle covers long ago. They would have saved me a lot of money in repairs and replacements. Since I have bought my first automotive cover I have had far less damage to my auto stable and am now a much happier person for it. If you have any questions about vehicle covers or would like to contact the author, go to his website and feel free to call the toll free number or send him an email. Vehicles need to be protected from environmental elements that can cause the deterioration of its finishing and upholstery. Most drivers are not aware that UV rays can actually damage their car’s upholstery and interior vinyl. Quality vehicle covers don’t only protect vehicles from the sun’s harmful effects, but they also keep the interior temperature low. There is more to covers than just providing the car with protection from unwanted scratches. It is also a great deterrent from thieves who typically find taking them off a waste of time. Thieves need to work fast, and they don’t want to risk getting caught while trying to get the covers off.

An owner will have to ask themselves a few questions before buying one. Like, where will the vehicle be parked? There are materials that work best when used indoors, which is why it’s important to take this in to consideration. Those that are typically parked inside a covered garage don’t really have to use covers that are water-proof or those that block UV rays. Vehicles that are usually parked outdoors need to be protected from the rain, snow, and the heat of the sun. The material used should allow ventilation inside the vehicle, to avoid any moisture which can cause the upholstery and interior to give off an unpleasant odor. The longer the vehicle is covered, the more water it can accumulate from the outside wind or the rain. There are numerous inexpensive vehicle protectors in shops. Most of these, however, come in standard sizes, and might not fit the buyer’s vehicle. It is not recommended for owners to buy products that are either too large or too small since they do not offer the same protection as ones that provide a snug fit. Quality should always come first when it comes to buying car accessories, outdoor car cover can provide maximum protection when used the right way. Knowing what type of material works best under different weather conditions, and using it for it’s intended purpose– indoors, outdoors, or for short or long periods of time, can help vehicle owners choose the best one for their car. Most buyers feel that they have made the right choice after purchasing the most expensive one on the rack, but this is not always the case, some research can make a lot of difference. Those who can afford to buy a customized cover can ask their local car accessories shop if they offer them.